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The Casted Circle was created to Nurture Our Spiritual Selves.

My core values are respect for yourself and others, growth for expanding, passion to truly feel, and honesty.  

Our spiritual healing comes in many forms like prayer, energy work, meditation, and much more, but it all starts with you. Each of our spiritual journeys start differently, but our spiritual journeys allow the opportunity for growth and healing. I offer Card Readings, Reiki Healing, Sound Healing and workshops to help nurture your spiritual self and encourage healing. My workspace is located in Medford, NJ by appointment only.  

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About Me

I am a practicing intuitive witch, Spiritual healer, and Reiki ll practitioner. I discovered my intuitive abilities at a very young age, being able to sense spirits and energies. In my late teens I started using Tarot for intuitive guidance and continued to do readings for over10 years now.

Some of my interests are anything spooky, mother moon, painting, and loving all animals. 

I wanted to create a sacred space that is true to my nature and aligns with my soul mission to nurture the spiritual self.

Light and love - Josey